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16 Singers

16 Singers

Singer | performer | collaborator

A show for 0-18 month olds that cleverly captures the attention of tiny spectators using breath, rhythms and song, and by blending movement with an intricate, moving set.

Co-produced by egg Theatre Royal Bath and Dance Umbrella, Ellie performed in Katherine Morley's 16 Singers as part of Dance Umbrella 2015. 

It’s the theatrical equivalent of that intriguing grown-up who doesn’t pander, who talks to the child like an equal, who knows what they like and can be completely trusted...
quite beautiful: harmonies and quality of voices that wouldn’t be out of place in any heaven.
Gill Kirk, Theatre Bath

Feature on 16 Singers from 2.25 onward

Photo credit: 16 Singers photos - Eureka!