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Living Structures

Living Structures

Singer | performer | collaborator

Living Structures have been creating large scale immersive theatre shows since 2007 and received critical acclaim for their 2010 performance of Cart Macabre in the Old Vic Tunnels. Mixing A-Capella song, soundscapes, installation, physical theatre, aerial and video, their shows are adventurous and are always produced on an epic scale.

Ellie has been performing with Living Structures since 2009. 


On a vast hessian landscape we observe 5 individuals trapped in their own sustainable and lonely biospheres. Their daily habits are repetitive, functional and filthy until their all consuming isolation gradually plunges them through an immersive change of reality. Hauling the audience along with them they dive into an escalating environment. Experienced through original song, puppetry, taste, physical theatre, ballet, installation, mask, hologram, aerial work and story-telling, Biosphere draws on the multiple talents of the collaborating interdisciplinary group of artists. It was performed at Area 10, London.


Cart Macbare

Cart Macabre is a nightmare fairground ride through a dreamlike landscape. It’s a restless exploration of isolation and disorientation, an act of faith on the part of the audience.  In total darkness, 32 people are shepherded into eight wooden carts and moved through a succession of theatrical environments. The carts – their smell, their sounds, the sensation of their movement – become an inseparable part of a multi-sensory experience. It was performed at Shunt and the Old Vic Tunnels, London and the Niemeyer Centre, Asturias.

In this journey through the underworld, you feel both terrifyingly powerless and unexpectedly liberated.
Charles Spencer, The Telegraph
...a sort of doomy ghost-train about notions of death...It’s rather beautiful, this subterranean mischief by Klaus Kruse and his team.
Libby Purves, The Times
Cart Macabre is unique - like being a human piece shaken around a giant kaleidoscope, whose fragmentary images make a random pattern whose meaning is elusive.
Caroline McGinn, Time Out


Based on Herman Melville's Moby Dick, Leviathan takes it's audience through an adventurous journey using stunning landscapes, choruses of singers, giant objects, sailor aerialists and hauntingly beautiful songs that will simultaneously fill you with wonder and break your heart. It was performed at Trinity Buoy Wharf and Hackney Downs Studios, London and Matedero, Madrid.

One moment, we are transported to the inside of the whales stomach, the next we are crew members assisting with the ships chores...beautiful choral singing gives way to strange industrial rhythms, or discordant string notes, or screeching seagulls, or crazed chanting.
— Clive Hiley, Trebuchet Magazine

Photo credits: Biosphere photo - Neil Baird, Cart Macabre & Leviathan photos - Angela Alegria