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Musical director | composer

Insane Root's Macbeth was a promenade production of the Shakespeare classic, set in the historic Redcliffe Caves, Bristol, with original music by Ellie Showering. It sold out both of it's runs in 2015 and 2016.

Ellie is the Musical Director for Insane Root theatre company.

One of the most inspired productions in recent years...
Beautifully haunting music from Ellie Showering...
It is simply a sensory feast.
Petra Schofield, Theatre Bath
Director Hannah Drake and the tiny cast of seven make clever use of the caves’ fabulous acoustics and dark nooks to spine-chillingly emphasise the supernatural elements that drag Macbeth to his inevitable downfall...the entire experience feels like a wander inside Macbeth’s famous ‘heat-oppress’d brain’.
Toby O'Connor Morse, Bristol 24/7

Photo credit: Macbeth photos - Graham Burke