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Mmm Hmmm

Mmm Hmmm

Singer | performer | collaborator

Mmm Hmmm is a playful, poignant musical journey shaped by three exceptional female voices jumping between sound worlds and lyrical styles. Using intricate vocal techniques and rich harmony, Mmm Hmmm holds a magnifying glass up to snapshots of everyday life. One moment a fragile apology, the next a perilous trip to the First Great Western buffet car…Verity Standen’s original acapella songs evoke the awkward, heartrending and hilarious moments that characterise what it means to be human.

Ellie performed in Verity Standen's Mmm Hmmm for over two years and was a part of this project since it's creation.

Like any worthy art it creates its own world the exploration of which gives us new insight into our own.
Graham Wyles, Stage Talk Magazine
Mmm Hmmm is almost indescribable in words. It is an experience, and one unlike anything audiences will probably have had before. It’s powerful, it’s funny, it’s weird, and it’s unique.
Toby O'Connor Morse, Bristol 24/7
The trio... display the sheer technical marvel of the human voice, their voices blending together, breaking apart, they share words and syllables one at a time in perfect synchronicity, creating a choral harmonic soundscape that produces tingles on the back of the neck.
Kris Hallet, What's On Stage

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Photo credit: Mmm Hmmm photo - Paul Blakemore