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How Lucky? - Freya Billington


Freya Billington is a film maker and lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire. She made a short film about a man she met in South Africa called Lucky who has been running a drama group in his home township since he was 12.

Ellie is one of the singers on the soundtrack, performing original music by Jennifer Bell.

Bristol Green Capitol opening ceremony - Cirque Bijou


Bristol was announced as the Green Capital of Europe in 2015 and Cirque Bijou were commissioned to do an ariel performance for the launch.

Ellie was part of the group that performed the live musical accompaniment written by Dom Coyote.

You can read the BBC news article about the opening ceremony here.



Torrents of Rapture - Dugald Ferguson

Singer | vocal coordinator

Dugald Ferguson's Torrents of Rapture is  multi media solo show about the fall out after a bad relationship told using film, live song, bad ballet, physical theatre, seductive animation and speeches.

Ellie lead the vocal recording session for the soundtrack of this show and was also one of the singers.


Photo by Dugald Ferguson

Muliebrity - Antique Women

Singer | performer | collaborator

The Antique Women were an interdisciplinary arts collective based in London. Ellie worked alongside 7 other women to create Muliebrety - a show about femininity and it's unrealistic ideals. The Antique women were also the first people to perform Verity Standen's Hug.

Created by a collective of eight female performers, and drawing on their shared and disparate histories and understandings, ‘Muliebrity’ is a work about notions, ideals and experiences of ‘femininity’. This is an intimate, touching and humorous piece exploring bodies, love, motherhood, gender, sex, rules, fear, images, stories and façades. Using a rich blend of artistic forms and a sensory and immersive approach to space and audience-performer relationships, the Antique Women invite you to enter their world.

Photo credit: Torrents of Rapture photo - Dugald Ferguson